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You know that submitting a well written piece of work is essential to receive a high-grade. Examiners review your work and focus on criteria, including:

  • Academic rigour and arguments
  • Essay structure
  • Methodology
  • Originality
  • References
  • Formatting & layout
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Work that is well written, yet fails to develop a clear argument or lacks a key reference will be penalised against work that addresses all these areas. Through our editing, proofreading and review service we will act as a surrogate tutor and ensure your work is as good as it can possibly be. Not only will we proofread, format and structure your essay, we will ensure that it answers the question you are asked to answer.

Unlike other essay writing services, we will not write your essay for you – this goes against any university’s terms and conditions and can see you expelled from the university. Instead, we offer a thorough review service that will improve your work and make sure it is academically sound.


As former students, we know that plagiarism is a tricky subject. When is using a quotation considered plagiarism? And how do I avoid a penalty?

New detection software allows universities to rapidly screen student essays and identify plagiarised content. So we use the same on-line detection systems to screen your work and determine whether your work would pass an originality test or not.

When you ask us to review your work, we will carry out the following assessments:

  1. Review the academic rigour and the contribution to knowledge
  2. Review the methodology and analysis sections for relevance
  3. Screen the report for originality and plagiarism
  4. Check reference formatting (i.e. Harvard, APA etc)
  5. Improve the formatting and layout (if required)
  6. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes


Our prices are reasonable when compared with the price of a degree. We assign a price based on the word count of the essay. The word count is based on the total number of words in the document and this includes: headings, abstract, references and appendices.

Up to 3500 words costs £99 Up to 5000 words costs £120 Every 500 words over 5000 words will cost an another £10 Thesis prices (Honours Degree, Masters and PhD) are on a case by case basis

Areas and degrees covered

All of our review team possess a Masters level degree (MSc, MA or MBA) and a primary degree (BSc or BA). For the review of journal papers or a PhD thesis, we employ specialist academic reviewers with a PhD (or higher) and a history of accepted journal or conference papers.

We employ a strict quality control process and ensure that each reviewer passes a stringent test before reviewing your work. You can be ensured that the review process will exceed both yours, and your university’s expectations.

Due to our wide pool of reviewers, we can review work across the Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Sciences. If we do not have the relevant experience to assess your work we will let you know – our reputation and your satisfaction are very important to us.

To submit your work for review please use the contact form.


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